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Who's Who at the Alumnae Theatre Company

The Alumnae Theatre is organized as a club run by the membership through a Board of Directors.  At the Annual General Meeting, held at the end of each season in June, Board Members and Department Heads provide their final reports and next year’s Board is elected. Board members serve a one year term but often agree to serve for additional terms.

Alumnae Theatre Board of Directors

President: Brenda Darling, 

Past President: Barbara Larose,

VP Membership: Liz Best,

VP Executive Producer: Vacant

VP Theatre Manager: Catherine Spence, 

Treasurer: Nicole Arends,

Secretary: Kristine Greenaway,

Main Stage Programming Committee: Barbara Larose,

Artistic Producer, New Ideas Festival: Carolyn Zapf,

Technical Director: Vacant

Director, Marketing: Teresa Bottaro,

Director, Training & Development: Ellen Green,

Director, Audience Development: Elizabeth Verwey,

Director, New Play Development: Ramona Baillie,  


Board Committees

100th Anniversary Steering Committee  -  Barbara Larose (,
Brenda Darling (



Membership Team

Membership Secretary - Jane Chevannes
E-Communications Editor - Andrea Brown (    
Archivist - Catherine Spence (
Catering Coordinator - Kathleen Allamby (
NPD Coordinator - Mary Barnes Amoroso (


Front of House Team

Season Front of House Coordinator– Sandra  Globerman (, 
Reservations Managers - Victoria Shepherd (,
Krystyna Hunt (, Mairy Beam (
Front of House Managers - Catherine Spence (, Razie Brownstone (416-538-9886), Ray Randewich, Sandra Globerman
Online Ticketing Manager - Brenda Darling (
Bar Manager (Interim) - Shelley Cahill (   
Bar Scheduler - Catherine Spence (

Facility Team

Buildings Renewal Manager - Margaret Spence (416-239-7292)
Rentals Managers - Susan Wilson (, Rhona Bennett (
Rentals Site Visits  -  Sandra Schneider  (
Building Space Schedulers - Rhona Bennett (, 
Barbara Larose (
Garbage Team  -  Stacy Halloran,  PJ Hammond,  Tina McCulloch, Catherine Spence
Facility Systems & Major Equipment – Michael Spence (, 
Chris Humphrey (


Production Team

Producer, Thirteen Hands - Ramona Baillie  ( with
Mary Barnes Amoroso (
Producer, Fireworks - Molly Thom (mollythom@sympatico.c)
Co-Producers, Omission - Natalie Castallino Higginson & Marissa Otto
Artistic Directors/Producers, New Ideas Festival -
Carolyn Zapf (,
Pat McCarthy (,
Kelsey Laine Jacobson (
Producer, Queen Marie - Vacant
Equity Liaison - Barbara Larose (
Wardrobe Team Advisor  -  Margaret Spence (416-239-7292)
Wardrobe Warriors - Andrea Brown, Bec Brownstone (, Joan Burrows,  Anne Harper, Kay Randewich, Catherine Spence, Martha Spence
Properties Manager - Razie Brownstone (416-538-9886), Assistant: Vacant


Marketing Team

Chair - Teresa Bottaro (
Auction - Jeanette Dagger with Carol Libman
Database Manager - Carina Cojeen (
Media Relations - Jen Ellis, Fan-Yee Suen
Print Ads - Carina Cojeen (
Social Media  -  Claren Grosz  (
Website Manager - Catherine Frid (


Finance Team

Finance Committee -Nicole Arends (Chair) (,  
Barbara Larose (,
Brenda Darling (
Financial Administrator - Susan Q Wilson (

Membership List

This membership list contains the email addresses and phone numbers of our members. Please keep this information confidential. It is to be used to contact members about particular volunteer opportunities.

People listed as supporting members do not have their contact information listed since they are NOT to be called or emailed regarding specific opportunities. Otherwise, feel free to use this to recruit volunteers. Just remember, we are all volunteers, so always be considerate of others' time commitments.