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ATC Member Rentals Information

Thank you for your interest in renting the Alumnae Theatre as a member. The information below provides the various facts and figures that will assist you in completing your arrangements.

  1. Your rental of any space in Alumnae Theatre is only for rehearsals with no technical require-ments (e.g., sound, lights) or for auditions. No audience—paying or not— may be present. This is an Alumnae rule for insurance reasons. Rental for rehearsals with technical requirements and for performances entail a regular Alumnae rental contract at regular rates.
  2. Members’ rates for rehearsals or auditions are: $20 for 1 to 4 consecutive hours. $40 for 4 to 8 consecutive hours. 
  3. To confirm your booking, you must submit a cheque for the full rental amount. Make your cheque payable to Alumnae Theatre Company and either deliver it by hand to the theatre or mail it to: The Treasurer, Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley Street, Toronto M5A 2W6. 
  4. If you have been a member of Alumnae for less than two years, you will not be given keys to the building and must have a Rental Supervisor on site (at $20 an hour) whenever you are in the building. 
  5. If you have been a member of Alumnae in good standing for two years or more, we will give you keys to the building just before your rental period begins. By accepting the keys, you take full responsibility for building security during your group’s time in the building (unless a Rental Supervisor is in the building at the same time for another renter). You must return the keys on the last day your of rental.
  6. There may be external renters using the Main Stage, Studio, Trinity, and/or the Lobby during your rental period, including performances, and their use of the building cannot be hampered. You must also ensure that your team makes no loud noises that would intrude on their activities. To this end, please ensure that all members of your team are aware of how easily sound travels in the stairwells, including conversations and slammed doors!
  7. If you are renting the space for auditions, you must provide a door monitor for the Stage Door— preferably another member of Alumnae—to ensure that no unauthorised persons enter the building. This is in addition to your audition coordinator and other organisers. 
  8. When you leave the building, you are responsible for having made sure that the windows are locked, electrical appliances are unplugged, all lights are off, and all doors are locked for every area that you have been in for your rehearsal, whether or not a Rental Supervisor is in the building for another renter. Thank you! 
  9. Please understand that your Member Rental is subject to availability and that there is a possibility that you could be bumped if Alumnae has the opportunity for a lucrative rental. If this happens, we will do our best to relocate you within the building.