FireWorks 2017

Produced by Molly Thom

November 8 - 26, 2017

FireWorks is Alumnae's annual festival of new full-length plays, developed either by our own New Play Development group or at our New Ideas Festival. Three plays are programmed each running for one week, all fully produced, offering audiences thought-provoking theatre and a chance to pull back the curtain with post-show panel discussions and playwright/director talkbacks.




This Will Be Our Last Transmission 

by Natalie Frijia
Directed by Ara Glenn-Johanson

You can’t stop in the Death Zone. Above 8,000 meters, you’re already dying. When a storm traps three women, expert climbers, just below the summit of K2, they face a challenge even greater than climbing mountains: getting down. And the window is quickly closing.




Surrender, Dorothy

by Liz Best
Directed by Joan Burrows

Online dating’s been around for awhile. But it’s not something you’d ever consider, right?  Until Ally, in her 50s, meets someone - online! She insists that her friends, all seasoned players in the relationship game, share her joy and her online experience. What follows is a hilarious, rueful, touching examination of the murky, ambush-laden search for connection, even love, as played out on the net. Snappy dialogue, penetrating insights as five clever women support each other in taking risks and learning to live again, even when your heart’s been broken.



by Caitie Graham
Directed by Madeleine Jullian

Cata wakes up with an infected tattoo on her leg. When the memory of everyone involved is clouded by either drugs, denial, or desire, whose version of the truth is Cata supposed to believe? GASH is a fierce exploration of a young girl’s sexuality, an act of violence that devastates a friendship, and the question: can truth be subjective? A play about two high school kids adrift in a world they’re ill-equipped to navigate.